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How do we brand, launch and sell a completely new category of product?

Jane had an amazing invention, a big dream, and just 6 months left before she’d be forced to give it all up.
Sugru is a completely new type of wonder material, invented by Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, an Irish inventor based in London. It’s a mouldable glue that turns into rubber overnight, and has all sorts of amazing properties. You should really just watch the video ↓

After years of blood, sweat and material science, we all knew that this was something special. Jane had invented a truly unique material with 1000s of applications, enabling its users to modify, fix or adapt almost anything.


All or nothing.

Sugru was great, but it needed some serious investment to continue R&D and scale manufacturing. In the middle of a recession, only a very small handful of visionary investors were willing to take the risk. After visiting over 100 potential investors, and being rejected over 100 times, Jane had only 6 months worth of funding left. But, finally, after years of development, she had a product ready to sell.

Building a brand based on Sugru’s mission.

We knew that there were people all over the world who would love the product, its purpose and its mission. We just needed to reach them. Together, Sugru and Atto agreed to scrap the business plan and bet everything that the way forward was to build a vibrant online community based on Sugru’s mission. We’d stake our reputation on it, and Jane would bet her dream. This had better work.

We knew our early adopters — makers, DIY-ers, hackers — would buy, use and help spread the word about Sugru. We focused all of our effort on earning 1,000 true fans — people who we hoped would buy our product, use it and talk about it. If we earned the trust of 1,000 users, we knew we could prove the viability of our product to forward-thinking investors.


Together we aimed to sell 1000 packs in our launch month. It wasn’t enough to build a sustainable business, but it was enough to convince investors that we were serious, and that people wanted the product. So Jane and her team of friends spent weeks making the first 1000 packs of Sugru.

Together we designed the product offering and packaging, wrote the messaging and built a simple e-commerce website and social media plan.

Our strategy was simple: champion the Sugru user. Tell the (true) story of the purpose behind the product. Explain the product as the result of their mission — to get the world fixing, repairing and hacking again. Encourage people from all over the world to contribute to the success of this remarkable material by buying it, using it and showing the world what they’d made.

We launched the website and held our breath.


We sold out in 6 hours, attracting over 50 investors.

Sugru sold out 1000 packs in 6 hours. We took pre-orders for another 2000 packs in another 6 hours. Then we stopped selling product and started asking for investment instead. In two weeks, Sugru had over 50 offers of investment. Jane picked the best investors and closed a funding round a month later.


“Atto Partners are so much more than designers and developers. From day one, they were driven by understanding the core purpose of our business and helping us to achieve our goals in the smartest, most delightful way we could imagine together. They are genuinely part of our team, and we are lucky enough to be able to think of them as insiders rather than consultants.”

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, Inventor, CEO Sugru

Then we helped them scale.

E Commerce Website, Multi Currency Support, Multi Distribution Centre
Flexible Brand System, Clear Tone Of Voice, Clear Point Of View
Sugru Sugru Sugru
Sugru Sugru

Headline - Brandon


Custom Typeface - Sugru Hand


Body - Proxima Nova

New Website With Content Management System

Sugru’s incredibly flexible Content Management System manages over 11,500 content pages in the way that gives their content team control while staying within visual language of the brand.

More results

10 Million Fixes

Sugru-ers all over the world have fixed more than 10,000,000 things with Sugru. From our little e-commerce site, we’ve sold into 172 countries. Sugru is stocked in Target, Lowes, B&Q, Maplin, and 1000s of retail stores in USA, UK and France.

Sugru is stocked in Target, Lowes, B&Q, Maplin, and 1000s of retail stores in USA, UK and France. They’ve received many, many awards along the way for product, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Even more results

Sugru smashed the UK crowdfunding record.

In 2015, 1700 of Sugru’s users came together to fund the next stage of its growth, raising £3.18 Million and smashing the UK Crowdfunding record.

The end. (For now.)

We’re proud to have helped Sugru build a truly remarkable company, and a vibrant community over the last 8 years.
And they’re just getting started.

Maybe we could make something great together? Tell us about your thing.

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