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How can a rebrand dramatically grow supermarket sales for an already successful product?

Pop Notch didn’t really have a problem. They were already doing fine.
When Declan and his team came to see us us, they’d already seen some success, and they were already growing. It’d been a hard year or so, but they had a great product, and they’d earned listings in a few supermarket stores, along with a decent amount of independents.

Their previous packaging was good too. It had served them well, but their founder, Declan, wanted to grow quickly, and was ready to take a calculated risk with how his brand looked and told its story.

Declan had started the business 18 months previously, with a bag of kernels and a £20 popcorn machine he bought from Argos. We liked his style.

Standing out in a crowded space.

Together, we looked at their competition, along with their current and future customers, and consumers. Popcorn is a high-growth market, but it’s mainly growing on the foundation of health claims and benefits.

While Pop Notch was enjoying some of the natural growth of the market, Declan wasn’t interested in sacrificing on taste. If being the best tasting popcorn on the planet meant losing some customers, so be it. Pop Notch wasn’t going to pursue the Health Popcorn market — it was going to be a once-per-week treat that people enjoyed every single time. Once we’d come to this conclusion, we knew where we needed to go.


Eat more fun.

Pop Notch was ready to pick a fight. It had a game it could win. The other popcorn brands could fight it out for healthiest, most lifestyle-y food brand. Let them have it. Pop Notch are focused on making the tastiest popcorn you can make, and having fun doing it. We created a brand identity, design system and a series of key messages that help tell the story of what Pop Notch stands for.

We wrote more than a few dad jokes too. Actually, if we’re honest, the strategy was mostly about stupid dad jokes.

Brand identity
Key Messages
Popnotch Popnotch Popnotch

Headline - Custom Hand Lettering


Title - Archer Bold


Body - Archer

Design System
Popnotch Popnotch Popnotch

A 700% increase in sales. (Yes. 700%.)

When they saw the new packaging, a major UK supermarket increased its listings from 6 stores to 80. Pop Notch started securing new and expanded listing and distribution deals where they’d previously been turned down.

They’ve secured distibution deals all over Europe and, within 4 months of the relaunch, needed to move factory to scale up.


“We didn’t really need Atto Partners but **** am I glad we hired them for our rebrand. We’re growing faster than we’ve ever grown, exceeded every target in our 5-year plan, and got to build a successful food brand based on stupid jokes.”

Declan McBride, Pop Notch

Design System for Kids Range

Pop Notch have just released their kids range. It’s even sillier, and it's already secured orders from some of Europe’s biggest supermarkets.

Popnotch Popnotch Popnotch Popnotch

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