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How can a web-based system improve Environmental Management for Intel?

Emergence bring Environmental Intelligence to manufacturers.

Their small team in Dublin manages Environmental Compliance for clients like HP and Intel — blue chip companies manufacturing precision goods for a global customer base.

Emergence’s CEO, Gary Morgan, approached us with an idea. He wanted to build a web app that would track and manage manufacturing waste output across a range of different environmental aspects.

From solid waste to airbourne to waterbourne, this web-based system would allow an Environmental Manager to have full visibility of their outputs, live, in real time. It would catch exceptions, identify unusual trends, reducing pollutants notify the right people when something was outside normal parameters. All in all, it would help major manufacturers reduce their environmental impact, save money on costly clean-up processes, and automate time-consuming reporting tasks.

Naming & Branding

We named the app Biome.

In nature, a Biome is a self-contained eco-system. It’s a term of art that our target audience — Environmental Engineers and Compliance Managers — understands well. It also echoes the promise of the app — that by automatically tracking all of their companies’ environmental inputs and outputs, we can help them manage the entire eco-system of their company’s manufacuring processes.

We developed a visual identity, key messages and tone of voice to appeal to users, environmental managers, and C-level executives.

Biome Biome
Designing the system.

App design starts by understanding the people involved — by understanding the way they currently do their jobs, then working out how we can help. Once we understand the user’s job, how it’s measured, and what they really need from a system, we can design something that’s just right for them.

Even a system as complex as Biome has a few key tasks that make up the majority of the app’s usefulness:

Helping Environmental Engineers to get straight to the most relevant information quickly, amidst a sea of data, and alerting them when something’s going wrong.

Reporting for Compliance Managers so that they can do their jobs well, and prove that they’re doing their jobs well.

Making sense out of trendlines, to identify underlying patterns in the data that can help manfacturers improve their processes.

Giving regulators access to right data, in the right formats, at the right time.

Building The Platform

When dealing with large volumes of commercially sensitive information, security is key. When rolling out a system for realtime reporting in some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, it’s important that the app is available and fast at all times.

We used a custom implimentation of high availability cloud services, backup and scalable infrastructure. (For all you nerds out there, it’s a Ruby on Rails app hosted in a monitored, high availability Kubernetes deployment on Google’s Cloud Platform.)

In collaboration with our client, we designed, built and iterated on a system that focuses on the needs of the app’s users. Based on the principle that it’s our job to help them to their jobs, we built a system that removes hours of work from laborious processes. The system also helps engineers catch environmental incidents before they become problems, saving time and helping reduce the environmental impact of high-tech manufacturing.

The Results

Inside Intel.

Within a few months of launch, Intel became Biome’s sole customer, trusting the platform with Environmental Intelligence in their European manufacturing plant in Leixlip.

Based on its success in Europe, Intel rolled out Biome to their Global Manufacturing HQ in Oregon.


“Atto Partners have helped us take Biome from an early idea to an easy-to-use, high performance app that’s trusted by one of the world’s most precise, meticulous manufacturers. We’ve worked together for more than 5 years now, and I hope we get to work together for many more.”

Gary Morgan, CEO, Emergence

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