Atto Partners is in the partnerships-for-life business. We love working alongside clients, and we see it as our job to help them make work and build businesses that we can all be proud of.

Meanwhile, Labs Projects help us stay sharp by letting us...

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Technology and Healthcare

The ECHA (European Connected Health Alliance) is designed to be link between business and the health service. I recently attended a meeting to learn more about opportunities for innovation in collaboration between technology and healthcare.

It was...

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Simple. It's one of those words.

We often ask for simple when we really want carefully considered, better, or enjoyable to use. It's more of a statement of what we don't want: clumsy, bloated products defined by feature wish lists rather than the...

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A little story about Choice

An e-commerce site we’d built had been showing seven similar product variants on their online shop for over a year. To the seasoned pro, they were all good options, but for first time customers, some choices were definitely better than others.


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