Equity Crowdfunding, and the Long (long) win

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Last year, we helped our friends at Sugru raise £3.39 Million on Crowdcube, smashing all records on the UK’s biggest Equity Crowdfunding platform.

It’s a great story, and the team pulled off a brilliant campaign over a course of weeks and months, but the truth is that the real work was years in the making.

You might have noticed that we’re pretty fond of Sugru. We’ve worked with them since before the very start, and we’ve seen them grow from a 1-person startup to an ever-growing team of awesome people committed to changing our relationship with the things we own.

Since day one, they’ve placed their focus not on the material, but on the real people who use Sugru to fix, improve and repair their stuff. They have some pretty high profile users — astronauts and Olympic athletes amongst them — but Sugru’s true focus is elsewhere. They love the astronauts, sure, but their product is more for the astronauts’ aunties and uncles, mums and dads, brothers and sisters. Sugru — the company — is built on a belief that anyone can change the world around them, one little fix at a time.

They’ve built their company around serving these people, celebrating their successes, and helping them do their thing.

They have great customer support, active social media presence and a true pride in caring about the user. It’s hard work, but they’ve built a company around it. The result? People care about Sugru. 100,000s of people actually care about Sugru, buy their products, and want to see the company succeed.

So when they invited the world to become a part of the company, by parting with money in exchange for a very small % of the company, they smashed their £1M goal in under a week. A few weeks later, they hit their cap of £3.39 Million — entirely funded by 2375 individuals who know and love the product, the brand and its history.

It’s a bit like that old proverb — the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is today. What can your business do that’s worth people taking time out of their busy lives to actually care about and admire? The road to 100,000 true fans is long, but ask Sugru if it’s worthwhile.

You can read our Sugru Case Study here

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