About Atto Partners

We partner with our clients to make their projects successful, usually by making other people happy. We’re small, personal, and we get things done. We build relationships based on trust, and we deliver branding and digital projects that (some) people love.

How We Can Work Together

Let's start with a project

Most of our client relationships start this way. There’s a clear job to be done — maybe a branding project, a website, or app. Together, as one team, we'll work together to define success, then deliver your project in a way that makes everyone happy.

Your Design And Development Team

When we’ve earned our clients’ trust with project work, they sometimes want more day-to-day help with design and development. This makes us happy. We’re in the long-term relationships business and are proud to be considered part of the furniture in some of the businesses and charities we work with.


We help our clients shape brands, campaigns and digital projects by asking the right questions. We help them turn problems into ideas, and hopes into plans. We work with clients — small and big — to help them make sure they’re doing just the right thing at the right time.

Helping you grow

When our clients grow in head-count, it’s our responsibility to help them build design and development into the soul of their businesses. We help define guidelines, train new designers and developers, and set up processes that just make sense.

Our Core Team

We mentioned we were deliberately small, didn’t we? We have a core team of 7. If you’re working with Atto Partners, you’ll be working with us.

Stuart Johnston

Stuart Johnston

Systems Design & Development

Stuart brings a depth of technical skill, analytical ability and development experience to each digital project. From heavyweight web systems to mobile apps, to e-commerce sites, Stuart leads our team on all things digital.

Peter Kerr

Peter Kerr

Strategy & Design

Peter helps our clients join the dots between their business goals, values and projects. He helps our clients define brands, apps and digital experiences that people love, by focusing on real human needs and motivations.

Karys Wilson

Karys Wilson

Design & Production

Karys is an accomplished designer with exceptional analytical skills. She enjoys understanding how things work, pulling them apart and making them better. Karys keeps us focused on our clients’ goals throughout each project.

Heather Kerr

Heather Kerr

Design & Research

Heather is a brilliant designer, researcher and illustrator. Her research ensures we’re focused on solving the right problems; her design work ensures that our output is interesting, user-centred, useful, and worth caring about.

Jacob Duursma

Jacob Duursma

Development & Systems Design

Jacob brings a highly technical and analytical skillset to bear on all aspects of our digital projects, from systems design and development to business strategy and management. He asks good questions, then knows what to do with the answers.

Daniel Kendall

Daniel Kendall

User Experience & UI

Daniel is a remarkable designer who’s obsessive about detail and user experience. He helps make sure our work is carefully considered, laser-focused on the needs of the people we’re serving, and finished to an excellent level.

David McNeill

David McNeill

Front End Development

David is a meticulous Front End Developer, combining engineering experience with a keen eye for how things ought to look, move, and work. He helps ensure that our front-end work is as technically solid as it is aesthetically pleasing.

A Little Bit More About How We Think

Some of the principles that have always informed what we do, and how we do what we do.

One Team

This isn’t like buying a bag of potatoes. When we agree to work on a project together, we’re signing up to be part of your team. We partner with our clients to form a single team of people whose job it is to make extraordinary work together.

Curiosity Wins

Whether we’re helping someone brand their dream business, or building a big fancy web app for a multinational, we get nerdy about the detail. The extent to which we can understand our clients’ worlds is the extent to which we can do great work together. So we ask a lot of questions.

Shared Success

We begin each project by focusing on why everyone will be happy at the end. We help our clients define real-life goals that we can all get behind, then we work hard until we get there together.

Focusing projects on what matters

Good projects start with a clear understanding of aims, people, and how we’ll measure success. We begin every project right here, going deep with our clients to bring focus to each project.

Based on trust

We work hard to earn the trust of our clients over weeks, months and years, operating on the principle that the best way of earning trust is by actually being trustworthy.

It's always about people

Trying to build an app, brand or business that people love? It’s all about people. Understand their hopes, worries, motivations and needs, then try to serve them well, and you’re on your way.

Deliberately small

We work hard to stay small, stay nimble, and to get things done. We’re here to prove that a small, focused team of talented people beats a floor full of employees, every time.

Honesty policy

We won’t lie to you, and we won’t lie for you. It's essential in building a good relationship, and it makes things a lot simpler.

“Atto Partners have helped us take Biome from an early idea to an easy-to-use, high performance app that’s trusted by one of the world’s most precise, meticulous manufacturers. We’ve worked together for more than 5 years now, and I hope we get to work together for many more.”

Gary Morgan, CEO, Emergence

“Atto Partners are so much more than designers and developers. From day one, they were driven by understanding the core purpose of our business and helping us to achieve our goals in the smartest, most delightful way we could imagine together. They are genuinely part of our team, and we are lucky enough to be able to think of them as insiders rather than consultants.”

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, Inventor, CEO Sugru

“We didn’t really need Atto Partners but **** am I glad we hired them for our rebrand. We’re growing faster than we’ve ever grown, exceeded every target in our 5-year plan, and got to build a successful food brand based on stupid jokes.”

Declan McBride, Pop Notch

“The team at Atto Partners care about Stand by Me, and our kids across the world. They treat each project like it matters deeply, because it does — in the lives of the children our organisation exists to serve.”

Ahmad Ayoubi, Director Of Operations, Stand By Me

Maybe we could make something great together? Tell us about your thing.

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Tel : +44 28 9099 4321