Stand By Me

Helping rescue kids in crisis by transforming a fantastic children’s charity.


Brand Evolution

Stand by Me are our heroes. They enable people like us to reach across the world and rescue kids who seriously need our help.

Over the last 13 years, this tiny bunch of people in London have built a global movement that has rescued almost 3000 kids in countries like Burma, Columbia and Ethiopia.

When they approached us, they were breaking away from their US-based parent organisation, so we helped them decide on their new name, refine their brand and articulate their life’s mission via stories, words and photos.


“Atto Partners really care about Stand By Me. They are helping us rescue more kids, and to be even better to our supporters. Our new website has increased online sponsorships, and their system saves us time every day. These guys are amazing at what they do.” Ahmad Ayoubi, Stand By Me


Web Design and Development

We worked with Stand by Me to help them better understand their audience, then we built a website that is helping them find their next wave of supporters and volunteers.

Stand By Me are already great at using their time and money well. A major focus of the site is on multiplying the work they’re already doing by giving them better tools for fundraising, so that they can spend their time on the real work: rescuing kids in crisis.

Under the hood, there’s a sophisticated custom-built e-commerce system with all sorts of clever tools for helping new sponsors begin a life-long relationship with their sponsored child.

We also built a one-off-projects system to enable schools, churches and business partners to raise money on their behalf.

You can visit their site (and rescue a child or support a one-off project) at


  • October 2011: Kids Alive UK rebrands to “Stand by Me”