Good Little Company

Strategy, Brand Development, Animation, Web Development and all sorts of Design for an ethical food company.


The Beginning

Finnebrogue are a food producer with a history of quality and innovation, but when they asked us to redesign some packaging for them, we discovered something a little bit special.

What started as a simple package redesign took on a life of its own when we realised that Finnebrogue often produced food for major UK supermarkets that was above specification, simply because they wanted to create the kind of food that they’d feed their own families.

We saw the potential to create something great together and, a few energetic discussions later, the Good Little Company was born.


The Big Idea

The Good Little Company is a new super-ethical food brand aimed at families. Simply put, they create food that they’d be proud to serve their own families.

We helped the company realise their values, develop their brand, packaging, web site, viral animations and key messages, helping them solidify a plan to become a truly world-changing team.

After 2 years of development, the company’s “good for you and good for others” mantra is taken very seriously, so when we proposed "Buy One Give One Free", they found a way to make it work. For every Good Little Company product you buy, they work with Christian Aid to donate a staple meal to a family in a developing country every day for 2 weeks.


“We’ve worked with lots of designers in the past, but none like Atto Partners. They’ve helped us create an extraordinary brand that’s perfectly aligned with our values. I can’t recommend them highly enough. ” Dominic Darby, the Good Little Company / Finnebrogue


What happened next

Of course, the actual products had to be extraordinary. Luckily, this is what the Good Little Company does best.

We wrapped their brilliant products in some pretty packaging, and created a website including their “weeblog” and some lovely animations.

By focusing on creating great products and authentic, credible stories that people enjoy telling, the Good Little Company has created a following of enthusiastic brand advocates.

Within six months of launch, they were stocked in 150 Waitrose stores across the UK, as well as selected Tesco stores. Their product range has expanded to include Good Little Meatballs and Super Teeny Weeny Sausages (our favourite).

Since sales began of their first product, the Good Little Company has donated almost 10 million meals.


  • October 2009: 1 Million Meals donated to Malawi via Christian Aid
  • November 2010: The GLC win “Best New Product” at the NIFDA Awards
  • May 2010: the Good Little Company won the Pig & Poultry Marketing Award for Innovation
  • July 2010: Great Big Sausages win a Great Taste Award
  • October 2010: 5 Million Meals donated